Molecular Engineer. Software Developer. Data Scientist.

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I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Notre Dame in chemical and biomolecular engineering. I work on predicting material properties of liquid crystalline materials using molecular simulation. I also apply machine learning algorithms to enhance sampling and estimate free energies.

I have a special interest in numerical algebraic geometry. On my free time I love contributing to open source projects, rock climbing, photography and cooking. Feel free to explore my website, and have fun!

Liquid Crystal Cylinder
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The emergent nematic phase in ionic chromonic liquid crystals

Hythem Sidky and Jonathan K. Whitmer. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2017.
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Algebraic geometric method for calculating phase equilibria from fundamental equations of state

Hythem Sidky, Alan C. Liddell, et al. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2016.
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Elastic properties of common Gay-Berne nematogens from density of states simulations

Hythem Sidky and Jonathan K. Whitmer. Liquid Crystals. 2016.
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The Lowdown If you’re reading this, then welcome to my blog! This is where I...

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